Information Security

Information Security Governance

Whether your organization is expanding and needs foundational programs, or is well established and requires enhancement to existing programs, wizlynx experts deliver a wide range of capabilities including:

Security Policies, Procedures and Standards

Creation, agreement and maintenance of documentation to support appropriate information security in all customer operations.
Review of existing documentation at least once per year, development of new policies, retirement of old.
Creating and maintaining a database of relevant and appropriate technical resources and assisting customers in interpreting it for their situation.

Information Security Awareness

Raising the understanding of information security amongst UCL members. To include: awareness campaigns, email newsletters, website, workshops, training courses

Information Risk Management and Compliance

Provision of advice and guidance to new and on-going initiatives.
Addressing information security risk and compliance requirements of projects and services, with full lifecycle contact to a level commensurate with risk.

Information Security Management System Support

Advice, guidance, and software tools to assist customers in managing their information security risk. Includes development and maintenance of software tools.
Audit of information security management systems against the appropriate standard (e.g. IG Toolkit, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS)

Information Security Operations

Information Security Incident Management

Follow-up of copyright and malware incidents which have not been resolved by first line.
Management of major incidents, including liaison with multiple stakeholders (e.g. ISD, Faculties, HR, the Data Protection Officer and the police), correlation of incident data, and documentation.
Forensic data acquisition and investigation in accordance with ACPO guidelines.

Information Security Monitoring

Monitoring of incoming, outgoing and internal attacks.
Provision of metrics to stakeholders.
Development and management of IDS, new SIEM and new honeypot.

Our highly qualified consultants can help you build a solid foundation for your security programs and policies that incorporate industry best practices customized to your organization.