Swiss Infosec 2017

Swiss Infosec 2017 Conference - CTI Presentation

Cyber Threat Intelligence in Action!

Together with our partner Blueliv, wizlynx group had once more the opportunity to speak at the “Meet Swiss Infosec”- the leading security event in Switzerland on June 26th in Zurich. Over two hundred people attended the event, and our presentation about Dark Web and Cyber Threat Intelligence was conducted by Andreas Crisante and Christian Fichera.

Andreas articulated an excellent overview of the “parallel world” called the Dark Web, leading the audience to and explaining how cybercriminals leverage the anonymity provided by the dark web to exchange or sell information that may have been gathered following a data breach. He also summarized “a day in the dark web”, giving an idea of the structure and nature of the items and services being sold in the dark web.

Christian had prepared a live demo, introducing wizlynx’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Solution – Powered by Blueliv to the audience. He demonstrated the main functionality of the solution using real case scenarios, such as the retrieval of stolen user credentials or credit card information in the web and dark web, but also the early detection of phishing attacks that an attacker is preparing. The audience had the chance to observe wizlynx’s solution at work, and was surprised by the amount of stolen data belonging to the targeted enterprises, and retrieved throughout the web.

During the post-event apero, wizlynx group and Blueliv had the opportunity to respond to any further questions from the event participants and performed additional live demos at our event booth.