Ethical Hacking and Data System Assessments – Data Privacy Detective Podcast


Reasonably, the word “hacking” attracts negative attention.  It brings a visual of virtual criminals and criminal activity, and quite frankly, scares people to think about it.  However, hacking can be a positive activity when it is for ethical reasons, and can protect companies and people from the criminal type hacking, as well as provide a line of protection before the worst happens.

wizlynx group, a global ethical hacking and penetration testing provider, was recently honored to be a part of Data Privacy Detective Podcast, discussing the topic of Ethical Hacking and Data System Assessments. André Sollner, Global CFO of wizlynx group, gives a tour guide for how a system assessment is conducted in five phases, from understanding and mapping an IT system and all points of entry, to a final assessment and report after the system is ethically attacked.  Andre holds numerous certifications over a 20+ year career in cybersecurity, including that of Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer.  

In this podcast, hosted by Joe Dehner – Global Data Privacy Lawyer, you will be informed about preventive system assessments that can fortify defenses against data theft, ransomware attacks, and other data disasters. The discussion is on the range of personal information commonly found in company databases and key weaknesses in IT systems. You will get top tips for both organizational and personal data privacy protection.