Digital Transformation


The example of digital transformation studied by Digitalya, and available on their blog (see link below) is a clear indicator of the importance of adopting the right digital technologies and the services to them related. The case study clearly shows how the digital transformation has a direct impact on the revenue of a company. And this is not true only for the IT, but at the contrary it is a concept adaptable to all industries: the example shown by Digitalya, documents the digital transformation of an Aviation Swiss-based SME, 2assistU GmbH.

2assistU went through this process in the last years, and saw their revenues growing of 23% after going productive with teampulse: an innovative software which acts as training manager and audit platform for other SMEs with core business related to the aviation industry.

Wizlynx was proudly part of this change. 2assistU chose wizlynx as security partner to perform a Greybox Web Application Security Assessment and a Mobile Application Security Assessment. This choice has increased teampulse’s security posture, enabling wizlynx to find vulnerabilities before hackers do.

For more details, read the entire case study: digital transformation example