PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield – New Features and Improvements


Our CTF style Penetration Testing lab, PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield just got some awesome new features and improvements we are sure you will like 🤩 🤩

Dark Mode

You will now have the choice to switch to “Dark Mode” in your profile by clicking on the “Switch to Dark Theme” button:

Here is an example of how the Dark Mode will look like (amazing no? 😎🤠)

My Achievements

The “My Achievement” feature just got a new makeover. In addition to being able to set your profile as “public” and share the URL with your friends and colleagues, sharing your achievements and hard labour has never been that easier.

When you are in the “My Achievement” section, you can click on a badge you own or on your profile. Doing so will open a new page displaying a custom certificate.

The following is an example of the Badge certificate page displayed after clicking on a badge of a machine you pwned:

If you wish to share it with your friends or simply brag about your achievements on social medias, you only have to copy and paste the URL of the badge’s certificate in your social media post and a preview will be automatically created:


Originally, we wanted to avoid that PwnTillDawn users are either spoiled or too tempted to simply read online write-ups instead of pushing themselves to learn and compromise our machines. With time, we understood not authorizing at all any write-ups to be published is not the best way to go and have therefore decided to allow on a machine-by-machine basis.

To know whether you can publish a write-up, simply visit a target you have discovered, and you will see a box name “Write-Up”. If you see “Not Authorized” as shown below, you cannot publish any walkthroughs and write-ups.

However, if you see the following in the “Write-Up” box, you can publish online the explanations of how you compromised that box but we ask you in return to give us credit for the machines by adding backlink to  and  in your write-up.

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