What Does wizlynx group Do? A beginner’s guide to our cyber security solutions

cyber security solutions
Our teams of experts are always at the ready.

We have all grown accustomed to the convenience of the digital world, always ready at the tap of our fingertips. However, as technology progresses and we reap its benefits, the digital world also comes with its threats. 

Cyber risks have existed since the birth of the internet. Even more concerning, is the fact that every year these attacks become more adept and sophisticated. Over 2,200 cyberattacks happen on a daily basis! “One approximately every 39 seconds,” says Clare Stouffer, from Norton LifeLock. Therein lies the critical demand for cybersecurity in our current world.

But, what is cybersecurity in the first place?

Cybersecurity, as the name implies, is all the activity that encompasses safeguarding digital assets and sensitive information from cyber assault. Measures ranging from policies and regulations to new technology and the recruitment of experts can be used to achieve any sense of protection. Combining different cybersecurity measures can help build a comprehensive and secure system.

More than a technology issue

Conversely, organizations are becoming progressively more vulnerable. The escalating cyber risks are mainly due to inefficiencies in a system, leaving it exposed to cyberattacks. This issue has grown to become a business concern, with financial and marketing implications. Fortunately, cybersecurity awareness is playing a big part in creating a safer world for inter-computer communication.

Offensive security or ethical hacking is a critical factor in the big picture of cybersecurity. It exists to identify vulnerabilities before they become a liability, and that is precisely what we do at wizlynx group. After all, we leave no stone unturned. We do, however, follow four key protocol concepts:

  1. Respect. Any protected and sensitive information is respected. All protected data is secured by strict non-disclosure agreements and other legal forms required by the parties involved.
  2. Reporting. We conduct a thorough analysis of the organization’s security measures and identify any areas of inefficiency or vulnerability, offering expert guidance on how to effectively address these issues.
  3. Boundary awareness. Our team is fully aware of its reach and operates within the preapproved scope of work, always respecting the organization’s privacy.
  4. Legality. To ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, explicit consent must be obtained before conducting any assessments.

We can help improve your organization’s posture and help you be better equipped against future cyberattacks. Our offensive security assessments are done employing different approaches specifically designed for your organization’s needs. For example, some of our custom-made offensive security services include network pentests (short for network penetration testing), web or mobile application pentests, as well as phishing campaigns.

The importance of having cybersecurity measures

Without a doubt, every organization should invest in cybersecurity. Not only have we seen our fair share of exposed systems in the industry, but we also understand the real-world repercussions cyber risks can have on operations and finances. Being prepared is essential in today’s digital landscape.

Real-world impact of cyber risks

The impact of cybercrime is staggering, with annual damages reaching billions of dollars and a concerning trend of continual escalation. High-profile cyber attacks in recent years have led to data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage for companies and governments around the world. Additionally, cyber risks can also disrupt critical infrastructure systems such as power grids, transportation networks, and healthcare systems, causing widespread chaos and even loss of life. The potential consequences of cyber risks highlight the urgent need for businesses, governments, and individuals to take proactive steps to prevent, detect, and respond to these threats.

We assure you, cyberattacks will happen

At wizlynx group, we specialize in providing offensive cybersecurity services to help organizations strengthen their security defenses. Don’t leave your organization’s security to chance. Take proactive measures to enhance your cybersecurity defenses and partner with us to protect your valuable assets. Contact us today to learn more about our offensive cybersecurity services and how we can help secure your organization’s future.