Information Security

Managed Security Services

IT Security has become today’s biggest concern for every company, as IT Systems are becoming more diverse on a daily basis. In addition to in-house networks needing to be protected, remote workers, partners, suppliers and Cloud implementations run an increased risk of being attacked. Wizlynx Managed Security Services provides an all-in-one package to ensure your employees and assets are safe and secure, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Overview of Available Managed Services in the Security Field

Available Managed Services

The demand for various Managed Services comes as a result of a broad range of needed Infrastructure, as well as emerging technologies. With our vast experience and high Swiss-quality service, wizlynx ensures compliancy with industry standards for Security (e.g. ISO27000) and IT Service Management (e.g. ITIL/ISO20000). Choose one or more of our Managed Services, which can be operated independently of each other. Enjoy added-values by outsourcing your complete Infrastructure/Security Management to the experienced and skilled engineers of wizlynx.

We make sure that not only your perimeter is secured, but your remote workers, Cloud, partners and service providers are also protected.

Whether you have legacy infrastructure such as firewalls, routers, switches and VPN concentrators, or newer technologies such as WAF, Cloud and Enterprise Mobility Management – wizlynx can support all of your needs.

wizlynx Service Delivery Model

Service Delivery Model

Our Service Delivery Model ensures the choice of granular service items, even within each Managed Service.

All of our managed security services are built on the ITIL v3 Standard to make sure the service will be delivered at the expected quality, as well as in accordance with an agreed-upon frame contract and SLAs.

Choose a fully outsourced Service including Monitoring, Global Service Desk (see separate Datasheet) and all instances of Service Delivery, or request only the parts which will ideally enhance your internal IT organization.

wizlynx Added Values

wizlynx Added Values

Our SOC, which includes the management of all monitoring systems, is available 24/7 to ensure your infrastructure and data is protected, even when you are not working.

wizlynx continuously improves the security implementations and provided Services, so you can always benefit from the highest quality and most secure services in the market.

Large enough to serve global enterprises, Wizlynx remains flexible in handling all customizable service needs. Using efficiency and experience, we are able to implement new services/update current live services without disrupting your daily operations.