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Security Assessments

Discover vulnerabilities as well as evaluate the risks and effectiveness of controls. Leave no stone unturned with wizlynx's Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing services.

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Cyber Defense Consulting

Design and integration of security products spanning all layers (i.e. network, host, system, and application), which ensures full protection.

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Cyber Defense Operation

Full management and 24x7 monitoring of your security infrastructure and devices such as Firewalls, WAFs, Web Proxies, IDS/IPS, and more.

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Cyber Security Incident Response

Investigation and support by our Cyber SWAT team, from the containment to the eradication and recovery after a cyber attack.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Get real time visibility into threat actors targeting your organisation to prepare for upcoming attacks and limit damages of successful hacks!

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Cyber Security Incident Detection

Suite of cyber security services, which provides our client with expert support in the detection, investigation and response to cyber-attacks.

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Your Cyber Security Partner Worldwide

wizlynx group is an ethical, trustworthy, and vendor agnostic Swiss cyber security provider on which you can rely on to effectively protect your business and trade secrets against any form of cybercrime, such as malware outbreak, malicious insiders, cyberattacks, cyber espionage, data leakage, and more...

We live and breathe cyber security! For this reason, we have designed a service portfolio that covers the entire risk management lifecycle to ensure our customer benefits the most from our passion and experience, but primarily to maximize their protection. It starts with security assessment, such as penetration testing & ethical hacking for mobile applications, web applications, networks, and systems, but also vulnerability assessments and secure code review. With our Information Security Assessments we evaluate the IT processes, governance and compliance (GRC), so that an integral security can be succeeded. We also provide design and integration of security products spanning all layers (i.e. network, host, system, and application) for a 360° protection. Finally, we offer managed security services (MSS) and emergency breach response for cyber security incidents with our cyber SWAT team.

Our cyber security services rely on highly skilled security professionals & penetration testers with long-lasting experience in both defense and offense and holding the most recognised certifications in the industry.

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Services

Leave No Stone Unturned!

IT Security is not a feature but a state of mind. It is our vocation. By adopting latest hacking methods and procedures in our security assessments, we offer the right assessment at the right place. We take care of your protection by searching and disclosing vulnerabilities before hackers do.

PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield

Training the future Cyber Warriors
PwnTillDawn CTF Logo

PwnTillDawn is a concept developed by wizlynx group to provide a safe environment for beginners but also experienced penetration testers to practice their offensive security skills in a 100% online pentest laboratory full of vulnerable machines. The goal is simple, find as many flags as possible, learn, and have fun along the way!

In addition to our continuous penetration testing network composed of 40+ machines, we organise regularly online and onsite CTF competitions allowing participants to put their skills to the test but also meet other people sharing the same passion for offensive security and CTFs.