For your eyes only!

E-Banking has become a necessity for many people in today’s world. It minimizes the need to physically visit your bank and the ability to view up-to-date account statements whenever you want. Additionally, your bank may provide you services & tools that help you better manage your accounts.

While the consumer is adapting to the e-World, Computer criminals adapt too and are very often one step ahead. They are using technics such as drive-by downloads and phishing schemes to distribute sophisticated malwares like Zeus or SpyEye to your machine. Those malwares are mostly used to steal your banking information and are very difficult to detect by traditional anti-virus!

Do you feel really safe when accessing your E-Banking portal?

NowProtected gives you the possibilty to surf with peace of mind. We offer, a state of the art armored browser powered by Quarri that identifies and prevents malicious code injection…impervious to attack. Our solution protects you against malicious software that may already reside on your computer: Key loggers, Screen scrapers, Cache miners, and more. We also encrypt all web session data and delete them when the session is closed.

Don’t wait to get hacked to seek for security, get protected now!