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Compromise Assessment

Over the last few years, the complexity, sophistication, and stealth of new cyber security threats have grown rapidly. Conventional computer protection technologies have become less effective and are no longer able to guarantee the security of company assets. This is confirmed by recent breach investigation reports which clearly indicate that more than two-thirds of confirmed data breaches went undiscovered for months or more. Only 3% of the compromises were detected in minutes.

Is an attacker currently in your environment without your knowledge?

Our compromise assessment service has been designed to answer that question. Our threat hunters will combine state-of-the-art targeted cyber threat intelligence, network, and endpoint detection to review your organization’s infrastructure, systems and applications in order to identify malware, back-doors, unauthorized access, and indicators of compromise which could confirm an active or recent security breach within your environment.

Hacker Compromising A Machine

Our Approach

The main activities our threat hunters and consultants perform during a Compromise Assessment include:

Targeted Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Our threat hunters will leverage our CTI solution which crawls open and closed sources in the web, dark web, and social networks to detect information belonging to your organization such as confidential documents, user credentials, etc. and which may indicate an ongoing or past compromise.

Network Analysis

Deep inspection and monitoring of your network by deploying sensors at strategic locations in order to identify malicious activities such as malware command and control communication, unauthorized remote access, lateral movements, etc.

Endpoint Analysis

Detection of attacker activities by searching for artifacts, malwares, suspicious connections on Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints.

Log Analysis

Thorough event and log analysis of critical applications and infrastructure to identify malicious activity

Before and After a Compromise Stats

What Will You Get?

All findings of the ICS Security Assessment will be documented in a final report, and then compared with a strengths/weaknesses profile against international standards for IT & Cyber Security. The identified weaknesses will be assessed and supplemented with recommendations and remediation actions, as well as prioritized according to the risk associated. The final report will be discussed during a presentation with you. The report will include a comprehensive and meaningful C-level summary of the executed operational technology environment. Additionally, it will include all detailed results with respective evidence and recommendations for future security measures.

wizlynx group Compromise Assessment Report

Our Cyber Security Certifications

wizlynx's security consultants and penetration testers hold the most recognised certifications in cyber security and penetration testing industry such as: SANS/GIAC GPEN, GWAPT, GCIH, GMOB, OSCP, CEH, CISSP, CISA and more!

Penetration Test | Offensive Security Certified Professional | OSCP
Penetration Test | GIAC Certified Penetration Tester | GPEN
Information Security | GIAC Expert Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester | GXPN
Penetration Test | CREST Certified Penetration Tester | CREST
Penetration Test | GIAC Web App Pen Tester | GWAPT
Penetration Test | GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst | GMOB
Penetration Test | Offensive Security Certified Expert | OSCE