Banking Trojan Illustration

Banking Trojans – An Immortal Enemy

A few years ago, the best way for a criminal to prepare for retirement was to rob a bank by physically breaking in or...
Mobile Security

Mobile Security: Connect your brain, not only your device!

Mobile devices often create opportunities. We are now able to access the web from the bus, buy stock options at the hairdresser, check emails...
Hacker illustrationvideo

NowProtected Secure Browser

NowProtected For your eyes only! E-Banking has become a necessity for many people in today’s world. It minimizes the need to physically visit your bank and...
Hacker illustrationvideo

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Services

Leave No Stone Unturned! IT Security is not a feature but a state of mind. It is our vocation. By adopting latest hacking methods and...
IoT Fridge illustration

Are smart fridges & Appliances a security risk?

The internet has been invented for a while now. It connected people, images, recording, games, books, and commerce. By people, for people. With the...
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Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

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