PwnTillDawn Mexico 2019 – Students 2nd Edition

PwnTillDawn Mexico 2019 Decoration

The day after the Professional Edition, it was already time for another hacking competition. This time 30 young students were figthing to win the PwnTillDawn Students 2nd Edition.

After a quick start, where the participants started scoring the first easy points, we got our first pwner raddrag. He was the first to break into one of the target machines thus earning the award for the fastest pwner!

In the beginning of the afternoon, as the lunch break started to occupy all the minds, Nach9 took the lead by scoring above the psychological barrier of 200 points. We were entering into the heart of the competition.

For the whole afternoon there was a very big fight between the top 5 participants, they constantly moved positions and fought for the first place. But as the night started to come in Mexico City, the top 3 players were ready to claim their prizes…

Congratulation to th3rmite for reaching the first place!!! This was an amazing performance! Well done also to Abraham and kytoz for securing the 2nd and 3rd place!

Congratulations also to all the other students! We had a lot of fun and we were impressed by the talent you showed during the competition. We are sure we will see you next time in the Professional Edition.

Here is the Top 20 ranking:

1st: th3rmite610
2nd:abraham 595
8th:mambruorux_ 300

15th: POCOPHONE 160
16th:PoRrEx 160
17th:Valerdi0 135
18th:Hch1m3 110
19th:CHUYREDS 110
20th:Rackzo 85