PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield – The Penetration Testing Lab

PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield registration opening 2020

After months of work, we are thrilled to announce that the continuous version of our pentest lab environment known as PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield is now OPEN to all 🚀

With the goal to reach even more people and allow them to not only learn but also and have fun in a safe environment, wizlynx group decided to create this Penetration Testing lab network. This 100% online & free version allows anybody to exercise their offensive security & penetration testing skills by discovering and exploiting weaknesses in various hosts in our penetration testing lab, and that anytime, anywhere.

What makes us different? Our network is like a corporate environment, it is dynamic with hosts & devices coming and going. But that’s not all, just like in real-life, you will find in our network machines with dependencies and links to other machines. New hosts will be regularly added and might even give you new information that will allow you to break into machines you thought could not be broken!

To register to PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield and start practicing:

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